Who Does Nothing Spoils Nothing!

  • Peter Patyi Trnava university in Trnava
  • Eva Mydlíková


This article has been aimed at presenting a repertoire of mistakes made by two groups of experts at preparation, implementation and evaluation of preventive program focused on the increase of children and youth sensitivity to violence in the school environment. It was a group of researchers from the university, and a group of prevention supporters, herein as preventists, from a big non-profitable organization. The two groups worked together in various extents and within various stages of large preventive program application. Preventists from the non-profitable organization required from the researchers to map the program efficiency at elementary schools students. Both researchers and preventists created a tool for identification of children´s attitude to violence. Preventists created their own preventive program that was applied at schools during 8 sessions. Before and after the preventive program attending, the children filled in the same questionnaire of attitude in order to capture the change of their attitude to violence. Reverse analysis of preventive program test results represented a method of obtaining the outputs in order to identify the preventive program efficiency before and after the program application on students and pupils of a single Slovak region. So called „structural type errors“ were identified during detail analysis of preventive program efficiency test results. They are errors made by the group of researchers and preventists in the area of coordination and cooperation in the stage of preparation and implementation of the preventive program.

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Patyi, P., & Mydlíková, E. (2019). Who Does Nothing Spoils Nothing!. Journal of Humanities and Education Development (JHED), 1(4), 164-170. https://doi.org/10.22161/jhed.1.4.4